Now ,i just want to show you these photos.

It is First time and last?????that airstream trailer was published on
Japanese newspaper.
The vintage eary 70's Ambassador 29ft. photo on the most famous News
paper"asahi shinbun". at 18th ,19th January 2003.
I saw many NEWS on TV at that days.also,many Magazin.other major news paper,
The trailer was modifyed to Smoking room on the road corner.

The locations is one of city "Chiyoda-ku",area is biggest business
street "Otemach" mid town of TOKYO.
Why now,,,It was appeared here, The low of local city was changed,No smoking at
walking in this town area.
Because,The many Smoker can't to smoking in there street area.

Japnese Cigarette public corporation made this town Smoking Room as "SmoCAR"
the Modifyed cost was over about $100,000,,from Tv news report,,,
but trailer is very old restoration base body"cheap one",,,because,they
must be change all inner skin and main door ,,also counter chair and many
aircleaner etc.

They are going to make and spread for advertise on many city in Japan
also separate from Non smoker in the street.

The trailer has all painted silver and big Air cleaner,,Oh,It means
only inside is Air-streaming ,hahaa.

Many people doesn't know it is an Airstream from USA,,but they were very
very astonised from this Great design.
Just like a somthing came from the space!
I hope ,some one want's to get the one of vintage Airstream in nearly future.
I think,It is first and may be Last that airstream was published on
Japanese newspaper.

Just funny report to you from Tokyo,
And ,,,my tokyo shot with Bambi ,,I hope you enjoy to see it.

Best Regards,
God bless you!